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Portable Finger-Clip Pulse Oximeter

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Portable Finger-Clip Pulse Oximeter


Focus on your blood oxygen testing for all ages, with this finger-clip pulse oximeter. This device makes it easy to detect your blood oxygen pulse rate by simply connecting it to your finger. In about five seconds, and with one click of a button, your results will appear on the OLED display.

Product Features
  • Small, lightweight, one-click measurement
  • Simple and stylish appearance, rounded feel. Detect blood oxygen anytime, anywhere
  • Infrared measurement takes approximately 5 seconds
  • TFT Display: Resistant to ambient light interference
  • Shading design, which is suitable to most environments
Product Specification
  • Display screen: OLED display
  • SpO2 measuring: 70~100%
  • SpO2 measurement + 2% (70-100%)
  • Accuracy: lower than 70% undefined
  • PR measuring range: 25~250BPM
  • Accuracy: +2%or25PM
  • Resolution ratio: 168x80PX
  • Power dissipation: lower than 30mA
  • Battery specifications: Two AAA batteries (batteries are required)
  • Size: 60x36x33.8mm